Spice Up the New Year, with bold & strong flavors!

March 24, 2022

Join 500+ Food Biz Owners & Chefs who have registered in this Webinar: 'Fiery Twist to Western Dishes' by Unilever Food Solutions


What to Expect

Cooking Inspirations for Exciting 2022 New Year Western Menu with interesting flavors, using ingredients you already have in your pantry/kitchen to deliver strong flavors loved by Malaysians!

Professional chef tips inclusive of quick recipe steps, plating and delivery packaging will also be shared in this session.


Get-to-know Our Speakers

  • Chef Elgin Chew, experienced executive chef who has worked with notable hotel brands & F&B chains in various countries like Australia and Singapore.
  • Chef Alan Wong, influential chef with more than 25 years of culinary experience and lifelong passion for Malaysian cuisine, who enjoys connecting with other chefs to spark inspirations through dish ideations and staff trainings.

Psst.. All attendees on 25th Jan will receive special door gift from us!


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